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Google Chrome will start warning that non-HTTPS sites are insecure

An upcoming of Google’s Chrome browser will flip the way that browsers convey information about privacy and security to users on insecure sites.

Instead of discreetly informing users that the HTTPS-enabled sites they’re browsing are more secure, they’ll flag any non-HTTPS site as insecure, with a series of escalating alerts that will end — at some unspecified date — by displaying an exclamation point inside a red triangle and the letters HTTP next to the web addresses of non-HTTPS sites.

The red triangle/exclamation point icon was arrived at after the Chrome team commissioned research around the world to figure out which symbols alarmed users the most.

The increased interest in encrypting all web-sessions is part of a wider movement that includes two EFF-affiliated projects: HTTPS Everywhere (which turns on secure connections wherever possible) and Let’s Encrypt (a certificate authority that gives free cryptographic certificates — necessary for secure web connections — to anyone who asks).

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