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Website Design and development has been a specialty of Digital Warlock for 35 years.

We strive to combine current, optimized website design techniques, and at the same time, make sure that a site is designed with marketing and SEO in mind.

Our aim is to achieve the ideal combination of both look and functionality – giving the customer a professional online presence, that uses strong marketing implementation to achieve the site’s purpose as intended. Whether to educate, entertain, sell products and collect payments, or to provide information to potential clients or business partners –  a strong, clear, effective design with an appropriate call to action can make a HUGE difference. The message needs to well presented, clear in its call to action, and the site needs to be responsive, fast, and work on ALL platforms.

website design
Web design concept for promotion, banner, advertising

We do this with a love and passion for the industry, and truly enjoy our work – so much that we are constantly looking for the very best of practices, so that we can offer the latest and best proven methods to our clients. And today, site have to be designed with a greater understanding of SEO and Internet Marketing methods, in order to make the site’s outreach strategy truly effective.

We see this as a collaborative process with the client by drawing on the client’s experiences in their chosen industry, the knowledge of what their clients need, and the message that is needed to be conveyed. We couple this with our knowledge of industry standards, security and firewall needs, mobile and responsive design methods to ensure tablet and cell phone use, and our knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, penalties to ranking from bad design, and the needs of Internet marketing campaigns.

The end result can be a powerful representation of the business online – and can have distinct advantages, when you start your site marketing efforts once the design is completed.


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