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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing is what we do - and we build the services below into your comprehensive online marketing strategy. Each of these builds upon each other, to strengthen your online position and overall market exposure to your ideal clients.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still the most successful elements of an Internet marketing campaign. SEO works based on how your website is ranked for relevancy by each search engine, based on a mathematical algorithm.
Business Reviews Management and Acquisition
This solution provides a business owner the unique opportunity to encourage clients to easily submit new consumer reviews to a selection of industry review sites chosen by the site owner.
Website Hosting and Email
Website Hosting is critical in today’s highly competitive online business world. The server your business site is hosted on needs to be responsive, capable of sustaining multiple clients viewing your site at the same time, and secure.
Local Business Directories and Maps Submission and Corrections
This enables you to increase organic search engine results by creating and correcting listings in the many qualifying local business directories for your industry, as well as the cell phones maps and car navigation systems.
Press Releases - Internet Press Distribution
Internet Press Release Distribution can submit targeted relevant news stories that have embedded hotlinks, contact information, images, logos, and YouTube videos to a very wide distribution network of online media sites.
Website Design and Ecommerce
Website Design and Ecommerce has been a specialty of Digital Warlock for 25 years. We strive to combine current, optimized web design techniques, and at the same time, make sure that a site is designed with marketing and SEO in mind.
Content Marketing and Brand Mentions
Content Marketing and Brand Mentions is an advanced method to reaching out to your clients on other sites with relevant well written content, that include mentions of your company, brand, or products.
Explainer Videos - Animated Process Video Production
An animated video can greatly help in automating the explanation a complicated process or sales pitch, so that your story can be told in a small amount of time, and easily on the Internet, Social Media, and even in Email correspondence.
Logo Design and Identity Branding
It is critical for a modern business to make the best possible visual impression on its clients. Our design team can create several different Logo concepts based on an initial client interview.

Headquartered In Austin, Texas

Now headquartered in downtown Austin, Texas!
Now headquartered in downtown Austin, Texas!

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We are available by appointment Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM Central Time, and are available via email 24/7.

What are our Most Popular Services?

Internet Marketing - Searh Engine Optimization

Here are some recent SEO Statistics that show How Important your Organic SEO Ranking is to the Performance of your Site.

  • In 2020, Google accounted for over 78.01% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 7.27%, Baidu at 6.55% and Yahoo at 5.06%. (Source: NetMarketShare)
  • Google receives over 69,663 searches per second on any given day.(Source: Internet Live Stats)
  • Over 64% of marketers actively invest in search engine optimization. (HubSpot, 2020)
  • 50% of search queries are four words or longer. (IMPACT, 2019)
  • Marketers see SEO as becoming more effective, with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise and 42% of this group stating effectiveness is increasing significantly. (Source: MarketDive, 2017)
  • 70-80% of search engine users are only focusing on the organic results. (MarTech, 2018) 
  • 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority. (HubSpot, 2017) (Source:
  • 84% of people will not make a purchase if they are dealing with an unsecured website. (Blue Corona, 2018)
  • 52% of web traffic worldwide is mobile. (Statista, 2020)
  • 82 percent of smartphone shoppers conduct ‘near me’ searches. (Search Engine Land, 2018)
  • Organic Listings receive 90% of clicks.
  • Younger searches are less likely to click on paid ads – 35 percent of ads are clicked on by searchers age 34 or younger. But as age increases, so does the number of people clicking on those ads, as 65 percent of ad clicks come from searchers age 35 and older.

Internet Marketing - Reviews
Online Consumer reviews are a CRUCIAL part of the entire inbound marketing process.

What does that mean exactly?
It means online reviews, when used properly, are a continual, never-ending part of yourinbound marketing funnel.

It means you can:

  • Attract customers with a compelling customer review, using your ads, content,images or video as the delivery mechanism.
  • Introduce yourself with content reviews that establish credibility.
  • Share the problems you’ve solved for customers, in their own words.
  • Provide social proof whether that’s with raving super positive testimonials, a large volume of positive reviews, or a non-stop drip of happy customer feedback.
  • Defuse objections by showing customer fears – the risks they took and how things improved.
  • Tie reviews to your offer giving customers a compelling reason to convert – join, buy, sign-up or watch.
  • Use reviews to upsell. Once customers have purchased your product or service, you use reviews to lead them to the next step.
Internet Marketing - Website Hosting

Speed Is A Killer – Why using Commercial Hosting can Drastically Increase Conversions

Can the speed of your website really have that much of an effect on your sales? Even if your site isn’t loading too slowly, can it still be improved? And how does Google factor into all of this? You might be surprised.

According to surveys done by Akamai and, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. 79% of web shoppers who have trouble with web site performance say they won’t return to the site to buy again and around 44% of them would tell a friend if they had a poor experience shopping online.

This means you’re not just losing conversions from visitors currently on your site, but that loss is magnified to their friends and colleagues as well. The end result – lots of potential sales down the drain because of a few seconds difference.

Internet Marketing - Local Directories
If you are like most Local Business and Small Business, the success of your business is dependent on attracting local customers, whether they are in your region, state, county or even town.

While it’s great to see that your website is pulling in visitors from around the country and maybe even around the world, you don’t want to waste the time or resources worrying about leads and inquiries that you can’t possibly follow up with.

Ways to Promote Local Business

So, how do you ensure you are doing everything in your power to pull in those valuable visitors from across town? Check out this list:

1. Optimize your site for geographic-specific keywords

Depending on the competitiveness of your geographic region and industry, this is a quick and easy way for you to start ranking for various keywords that local shoppers are using to search in Google Maps, and Bing Maps. To do this, make sure that the Page Title, URL, H1 tag and page content of your web pages include your geographic keyword phrase and that you are consistent across all elements.

2. Start a Blog!

A blog is a great way to talk about your local services and commitment to your local market. Share case studies or success stories of work you’ve done in the past in each town, city or county.

Customers love being in the spotlight, so use your blog as an opportunity to showcase them and highlight your great work. Remember to use the geographic location in your blog title and URL and promote your blog to generate inbound links!

3. Engage with local bloggers and city-specific websites.

When you engage with local bloggers from your area and share your knowledge and expertise about your service, you begin to establish yourself as a great resource and expert in your industry. You’ll be getting your name and company in front of local readers and begin to develop relationships with influential bloggers who may be more likely to do feature stories about you in the future.

While Moz doesn’t pull customers in from any one specific geographic location like your business do, Moz frequently engage in conversations on the The New York Times, as well as with local technology and business bloggers, Mass High Tech and the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX). See what’s in your local area, and start interacting.

4. Submit your site for Local Directories and Maps with Digital Warlock.

As we have seen, consumers are more and more likely to start their research process online for a local vendor, Plumber and HVAC Company, Carpet Cleaning, Roofing Contractors, and other Home Improvement Companies. Armed with that knowledge, you need to make sure your business is listed on the major websites that provide contact information, ratings and reviews for various services.

Internet Marketing - Press Release

The benefits of Internet Press Release distribution are numerous. Here are a few of them.

1.     All businesses can benefit from press release distribution. No matter what industry you’re in and no matter how small or big your company is, you can benefit from press release distribution. Even if you don’t have that “Oprah story”, you do have stories that can get you coverage in trade journals, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and other publications that cover your industry. Of course, you can’t get that publicity unless you tell your story.

2.     Press release distribution is fairly inexpensive. Most companies write their own press releases. The only expense comes with hiring a press release distribution service to get the story in the hands of key media members. But even this is inexpensive, and when compared with paid advertising, press release distribution is almost always the more affordable option.

3.     You can boost your company’s visibility. This is especially important for small businesses, but even large corporations need to fight for consumer mindshare. By sticking to a long-term press release distribution strategy, you let customers know who you are, what you do, and why they need you. You also gain the attention of journalists, and over time, they start to trust you more and give you more media coverage.

4.     Press releases can establish you as an industry expert. Why is it important to be seen as an expert? First, expertise helps you gain the trust of your customers. Once they trust you, they’re likelier to buy from you. But being an expert is also good for media relations. Whenever the media needs someone to comment on a story related to your industry, you want to be the one they call on.

5.     Good press releases can spread far and wide. A while back, I talked about the importance of targeting smaller local media outlets. One of the reasons I gave is that most major media outlets get a significant percentage of their stories from local media outlets throughout the world. That’s how the news industry works. One reporter picks up a story, and then it spreads from one publication to the next.

6.     Use your news to get more customers. With today’s online press releases, the media is no longer the only audience you’re writing for. 80 million people get their news online every day. Many of these people are your customers. So, you need to keep your buyers in mind when writing your press releases. And no, that doesn’t mean turning your press release into an advertisement.

Website Design and Ecommerce
How Important is a Website’s Design Today?

Studies show a well-built website will generate better customer traffic and an improved user interface will increase conversion – generating new business at an exponential rate. But how? How can something as superficial as your company’s website design impact the success of a business? There are many reasons why a well designed website will attract your ideal customer and result in sales or conversions. The following highlight the five key components that a web designer should keep in mind when designing a website:

Possibly the most important part of a website is the navigation. The navigation of a website can make or break a site, which is especially true for robust websites with many pages. Website navigation typically includes a navigation bar or list of labels that differentiate the pages of the website. Good navigation should be easy to find and comprehend – making for quick and easy travel throughout the entire website. When designing navigation, web designers sometimes get carried away with designs and fancy typefaces. In most cases, over-simplified navigation maximizes ease of use for a wider range of customers. Keep it simple and easy to use.

Brand Consistency
If your company has a logo and that logo is utilized frequently in print materials (i.e. business cards, pamphlets, letterheads, etc.), then the logo, logo/brand colors, brand messaging and imagery used for print must be carried over into the website design. It is important for your customers to be able to recognize your brand in all forms of communication so they associate your brand position and promise with your business.

Reading Patterns
Most people are comfortable reading a web page the same way they read a book, from top to bottom, left to right. Web designers also take this into account when designing for a website. Many designers make sure to place the most important information on the upper left hand column. This will help get the message across more effectively for website visitors who could be current or potential customers.

Good Content
The content of your site is important for reasons besides the fact that it literally communicates your company’s value and offer to the viewer. There are other very important elements that are considered when a copywriter creates the content and the designer creates the complementary visual environment for the content. Making the message short and to the point, yet warm and welcoming (depending on the industry) helps the reader to remember the message easier. Also, when there is too much text on a page, the page becomes visually cluttered making it more difficult for a reader to physically read the page, let alone remain interested in reading the page. By streamlining the content, the designer is then able to insert the text into their design, which typically includes plenty of negative space. This empty space lets the reader’s eyes rest so they do not tire of reading.

Building trust among your customers is extremely important, but will not happen unless you really get to know them and what they value. Marketing tactics can act as a dialogue with potential customers, which will be a great way to discover more about your clientele’s needs. By strengthening dialogue with customers, you can implement what positively resonates with them in your new design. By making your website look more welcoming and trustworthy to visitors, you will see the traffic to your website increase, and an improvement in new business leads through website conversion.

Website design is a great way to create a user-friendly environment where people come for helpful tips and best practices. If a website is designed and managed properly, customers will continuously return to your site and do business with your company.

Internet Marketing - Link Building

Link building is the process of getting links to your site.

Most webmasters feel that writing quality articles will help them in getting links, but that’s not 100% true. Unless you specifically try to get links, it will be hard for you to do so.

Back in the day, link building was an easy process. You could easily automate tools to submit to article directories and Web2.0 sites to generate backlinks. The quality of the article or inbound links didn’t matter so much.

On April 24, 2014, Google launched the Google Penguin algorithm, and it changed everything about link building. Today, link building is much more of a skill, and it takes time to get it right.

Link building is the process of getting links from high authority sites, quality sites, and relevant/related sites. The focus is on quality and relevancy of links. More than that, diversity of links plays a significant role in higher search engine ranking.

Benefits of Link Building

Link building is an important part of search engine optimization, and here are some of the major benefits of link building for your website.

In general, the popularity of a website or blog is determined by the number of inbound links.

The number of inbound links from quality websites is also a big factor in determining your Google Page Rank (PR).

After starting a blog or website, it is always advisable to spend the starting few weeks on link building so that you will have more exposure on search engines.

Incoming links from an authority website are always rewarded in Google Search. Effective link building doesn’t mean building unlimited links; it means getting genuine links from reliable websites.

Animated Video Production
Animated Process Videos have been growing in popularity over the last few years;  they’ve proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for any kind of business.

1) Your Business Idea, In Just A Few Seconds

By using a marketing video you can tell your audience (potential customers, influencers, media, investors, or anyone else you have analyzed and chose) who you are, what you do and why you’re the best choice within your niche in just about 60- 90 seconds. Also, by adding a compelling call to action at the end of the video, you can lead your audience in the direction you want, by encouraging them to take the next step in your conversion funnel.

2) Visual And Verbal Learning

As animated process videos involve both visual and audio, they are much more engaging than any other communication tool, having a stronger effect on the human brain (in general, people tend to feel more attracted to motion visuals than to plain text). In fact, there are many concepts from neurosciences that can be applied to video marketing.

Additionally, animated videos, while being informative, are also a great educational tool.

3) Brand Awareness And Trust

Animated marketing videos are also a great tool to build brand awareness and trust. First of all, you should always aim to have a high quality video – because, as they say, the first impression is the last impression. And high quality videos should always be aligned with your brand’s visual aesthetics, personality and cultural guidelines, thus building brand awareness and tying your brand with quality content.

Also, by crafting the characters with having your target audience in mind, you can set up a stronger connection with your potential customers. If they feel empathetic with the story and characters you´re presenting, they will be more inclined to trust you and will have a genuine interest in what you’re saying.

4) More Visibility

If you want to gain more exposure for your startup, think about developing an animated process video. For instance, by placing it on your website, you can eventually reduce your bounce rate, increase the time on page rate, and these factors will help to improve your ranking in Google. But there’s more: video content also gives you the possibility to be on YouTube, which is the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd largest social network on the web.

5) Mobile-friendly

Did you know that process videos are 100% mobile-friendly? Because of this, videos can give you a great advantage in promoting your product. Mobile users are always on the go, have become serious multitaskers and prioritize brief and dynamic content.

Animated process videos are great to promote your business and maximize your reach – let us know if we can help!

Internet Marketing - Logo Design
A Logo Repair May Sometimes Fit Better Than a Logo Redesign

If your company has an established, easily recognizable logo and brand identity that is a bit outdated, a logo repair may be a better fit than a full logo redesign.

Very often a logo is designed quickly during a company’s startup phase. This logo serves the company well as they get off the ground, but no longer looks as professional as it should after the company has grown and solidified their business. Or, a logo simply may have been in use for a long time, and is starting to look more “dated” than “current.” A logo repair can help you avoid throwing out the brand equity built in your existing logo, capitalizing on what your company has already established, while making improvements on style or the ability to reproduce the logo.

The repaired logo makes a huge impact, bringing the brand up-to-date, while not confusing clients, or forcing entire fleets of vehicles or signage to be changed immediately.

Search Engine Optimization
Business Reviews Management and Acquistion
Website Hosting and Email Hosting - Secure SSL
Local Business Directories and Maps Submission
Press Releases - Internet Press Release Distribution
Website Design and Ecommerce
Content Marketing and Brand Mentions
Explainer Videos - Animated Process Video Production
Logo Design and Identity Branding

Search Engine Optimization - What Customers are Saying.