Duckduckgo – the Privacy-Focused Search Engine gets 14 million searches in one day

At the end of 2016,  the privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo reached a new goal – a cumulative total of more the 10 billion searches overall, with over 4 billion just in 2016.

This month, Duckduckgo – the relative newcomer to the search world – performed an all-time high of 14 million searches in a single day.

The company believes its rapid adoption and success are a result of the fact that 40% of all users believe their search engine should NOT retain information about their search activity. DuckDuckGO does NOT retain any information about its users or sell such information to advertisers at all, and most of its features are community-created and crowd sourced.

The company’s footprint is growing at a phenomenal pace, but it is primary promoted by word of mouth – which could indicate people are starting to take a much stronger interest in personal privacy, and anonymity online.

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