Microsoft Surface Studio

What a week – Apple Disappoints, and Microsoft Appeals To Designers?

Okay, maybe it’s just me – and I know I expected this to happen – but this week, Apple showed their new product, and so did Microsoft, with some surprising results.

First Apple – Talk about role reversal – Apple updated the Macbook Pro with minimal interim changes – updated processors, the change over to USB -C (with a loss of Thunderbolt reports) – and the addition of a Touch Bar Interface to replace the function keys. Were the function keys just screaming to be replaced – a VITAL change needed? 🙂 Not to mention, that the Razer Blade Pro has a similar customization interface since 2012. After waiting this long for an update to the MacBook Pro, other than being able to get it in Space Gray, this was a major snooze. This is why many of the designers I know have crossed over to the Windows systems for design – Apple seems to be comfortable just riding on the IPhones success – and more concerned about profit than innovation, or setting a new standard. I am sorry, Tim Cook, but I miss the days of Steve Jobs, and Just One More Thing.. as opposed to Apple’s stock earnings – which I am sure will also feel the impact of this weeks launch of a product that is not available yet.

And then, there is Microsoft – releasing the Surface Studio, with Dial and Pen Options – in a complete about face, Microsoft has taken direct aim at the high end design market with a startling new all in one desktop. I have to admit, I want to play with one of these – and this video below, has me considering one of these units.

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