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Analytics Alternative – Clicky Analytics

Clicky Analytics has always been a strong contender, and I prefer it to Google Analytics in many ways. I am a paying subscriber (Pro Plan is only $9.99 a month, or $79.99 a year), and to me, the cost for a paid app is worth it.

Clicky Analytics actually provides useful, easily understood data and insights, that is easy to access, and quick to review – with a minimal, light install.

Similar to Google Analytics, it can track:

  • Visitors
  • Actions
  • Average Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate
  • Defined Campaigns
  • Outgoing Links
  • and Lots More.

For a typical small business owner, it offers just as much data as Google Analytics – but in a simpler, more understandable format.

It also provides more accurate time on site stats than Google Analytics.

Google Analytics only gets time on site data if a visitor clicks to the next page, meaning it won’t be accurate for users who immediately bounce.

Clicky Analytics, on the other hand, periodically pings its server, even when users are on the same page. That means you can get time on site data even if a visitor leaves before visiting a second page.
Clicky Analytics also provides you the ability to spy on the currently active users in real time on a map – which is great fun, and give you more insight to daily real time use.

Clicky Analytics is also easily added to WordPress Sites with a Plugin.

This WordPress Plugin helps you bring all of those reports into your WordPress dashboard. And it also helps you add the Clicky Analytics tracking code to all WordPress page, posts, etc.

To get this expanded level of tracking, you do have to sign up for a paid Professional Plan –  The free plan only lets you track up to 3,000 visits and lacks important features like outbound link tracking, goal tracking, and more. But honestly, it is worth it, for the simplicity, automatic updates, and support – and you get what you pay for.

Check it out for yourself – Get Clicky Analytics for your site.

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