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Social Media Usage Facts and Stats in 2018

Everyone always has theories, and projections about how social media usage will affect a business’s marketing success, or if if will have a significant impact going forward. For those of you that know me, I prefer the math and statistics – the real facts of what has or has not worked. So here are some basic year end facts and statistics about Social Media as we wind up the year in 2018.

(These are based on Pew Research, Statista, eMarketr, We are Social, and many other SEO geek tracking statistic sources that I am addicted to.:)

Some of these Social Media Usage facts may surprise you, and other may just confirm what you already suspected.

1. Over 3 billion people use social media each month—42 percent of the total global population – an increase of 13 percent since 2017.

2. Every second, 11 people use social media for the first time – one million new social media users every day.

3. Mobile’s share of web traffic increased by 4 percent, while desktop’s share decreased by 3 percent – 9 in 10 social users are mobile.

4. Mobile apps account for 70 percent of time spent on social media networks.

5. People use mobile apps 7 times longer than mobile web browsers.

6. The social networks with the most users in 2018 were Facebook (60.6 percent), Instagram (37.4 percent), and Snapchat (30.9 percent). Interactive and attention grabbing pictures and video work best.

7. Facebook still has the most app usage in the US (164.58 monthly users) but is growing only among users ages 65 and older. Users under 25 declined – by 2.1 million users this year.

8. Instagram is growing the fastest, with global users up by a third, increasing by 13.1 percent in 2018.

9. Ranked by popularity, YouTube (73 percent) and Facebook (68 percent) are used the most by US adults and LinkedIn (25 percent) and Twitter (24 percent) are used the least.

10. On a daily basis, US users visit Facebook (74 percent) and Snapchat (63 percent) the most and LinkedIn (40 percent) and Pinterest (23 percent) the least.

Needless to say, the impact of these facts on a business marketing plan indicate a need to continue to change the TYPE and RICHNESS of the content being served to viewing customers.  Mobile use is definitely the majority of users NOW – not later, and if you have not adjusted for this, you are already losing customers.

If you are interested in learning more about Internet Marketing Strategy, or how to incorporate an effective Social Media Usage Battle Plan into your business, give us a call at 844-243-8736, or email us, so we can talk in more detail. Things are becoming more complex, but it is also becoming easier to TARGET your viewers, and achieve better return on your advertising efforts online.

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