Encrypted Website hosting

The end of NON-Encrypted Website Hosting.

Ok, it’s finally happened. With recent algorithm, and browser changes, We at Digital Warlock have made the obvious decision to no longer offer non-encrypted website hosting.

There are just too many penalties to sites, email blockages and/or issues possible, a speed difference, and the added bonus to consumer trust for us to have a website hosting product that does not include a 2048 bit SSL Server Certificate, along with a $250,000 insurance policy for each business domain.

This has been coming for some time – Google will start flagging sites that are not encrypted as unsafe in June of this year, and the overall security and protections of the Internet in general have been pushing for the change in support of customer safety.

For all new customers, we will now be offering our celebrated high speed consumer hosting with a dedicated SSL with a $250k insurance with unlimited email users, unlimited aliases, non-throttled traffic caps, and very fast access solid state storage for the simple monthly cost of $79 a month. No contract, simply 30 days notice if you wish to cancel. We hope this encourages our clients and friends online to finally embrace the new reality of encrypted services easily and affordably!

If you are interested in talking about a migration to Digital Warlock’s hosting, please Contact Us today.

Scott Willis
Digital Warlock

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