Yahoo Hacked

Yahoo Security did NOT prioritize defending against hackers.

The NEW YORK TIMES ran a scathing expose about the recent story of Yahoo Security being compromised.

What many do not realize, is that this happened SIX YEARS AGO. Yahoo Security was not the only technology target; Google and a number of others were hit as well.

But Google responded with force, and invested the needed resources to protect its clients data – surprising, considering how many consider Google to be the biggest violator of online personal privacy, second only to Facebook.

While Yahoo invested a ton of resources into improving products, acquiring Marisa Mayer, as well as buying up other companies to improve its stock position, security seems to have been last on the list.

For such a prominent and long standing participant in the Internet from the very beginning, this error just seems criminal – and will definitely taint client’s views of the Yahoo products going forward.

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