Workplace by Facebook

Open To All Business – Workplace by Facebook.

For a small fee, businesses can now use a new office collaboration and communication tool called Workplace by Facebook.

This new application brings all of Facebook’s features, such as workplace discussions, internet voice, video call, and a company’s news feed behind a corporate intranet firewall – meaning it’s totally private to the company, and only intended for employee and company use, not the worldwide Facebook audience.

Facebook states the new platform offers these specific benefits to businesses:

  • Companies find that they can eliminate or drastically reduce their need for internal collaboration tools such as their intranet, telephony systems, video conferencing and distribution lists.
  • Many companies find Workplace helps them do more than just simplify communications — it inspires all levels of the company to embrace digital and mobile.
  • In addition, Workplace is easy to use because it’s based on familiar Facebook features like News Feed, Groups and Messages. There’s no training required.

To Learn more about Workplace by Facebook, click here.

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